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  • Kant and the Problem of History

    - Galston, W. Kant and the Problem of History, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980.
    From a review: “It may be argued that modern political thought has been primarily concerned with defending or discovering meaning in political life in the face of pervasive and the solvent skepticism engendered by post-Newtonian science and encouraged… More
  • Kant’s Political Philosophy

    - Riley, Patrick, Kant's Political Philosophy, Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield, 1983.
    From a review: While post-modernists and communitarians might seek to reinter the only recently revived body of Kant’s political thought, this collection indicates the continuing vitality of Kantianism. Howard Lloyd Williams has assembled thirteen… More
  • Kant and Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy

    - Beiner, Ronald and Booth, William (eds),  Kant and Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993.
    From the publisher: In recent years there has been a major revival of interest in the political philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Thinkers have looked to Kant’s theories about knowledge, history, the moral self and autonomy, and nature and aesthetics to seek… More
  • Kant and Modern Political Philosophy

    - Flikschuh, Katrin, Kant and Modern Political Philosophy, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000.
    Excerpt: “It is a central claim of this book that the absorption of cots political thoughts into contemporary liberalism is partial at best. In many respects, cuts departures from contemporary liberalism are more interesting philosophically and more… More
  • A Companion to Kant

    - Bird, Graham (ed.),  A Companion to Kant, Oxford: Blackwell, 2006.
    From the publisher: “This Companion provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kant’s work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to generate philosophical interest.… More