Tag: Political Philosophy

Major Works

  • Metaphysics of Morals

    - Gregor, M. Metaphysics of Morals, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
    Excerpt: The Science of Right has for its object the principles of all the laws which it is possible to promulgate by external legislation. Where there is such a legislation, it becomes, in actual application to it, a system of positive right and law; and he… More

Other Works

  • Practical Philosophy

    - Gregor, M., (ed.), Practical Philosophy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.
  • Lectures on Ethics

    - Heath, P., and Schneewind, J., (eds.), Lectures on Ethics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997.


  • Laws of Freedom: A Study of Kant’s Method of Applying the Categorical Imperative in the Metaphysik der Sitten

    - Gregor, Mary, Laws of Freedom: A Study of Kant's Method of Applying the Categorical Imperative in the Metaphysik der Sitten, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1963.
    From a review: “The English speaking world waited 165 years for an adequate translation and a full study of Kant’s Metaphysik der Sitten,  and then in the course of one year got to translations of its long Introduction and Doctrine of Virtue as… More
  • Kant’s Political Thought: Its Origins and Development

    - Sauer, Hans, Kant’s Political Thought: Its Origins and Development, trans. E.B. Ashton, University of Chicago Press, 1973.
    From a review: For a civilization to build upon the human relationships of men and women it must  at least include the mechanism of decision-making that not only ensures a non-violence means of resolving conflicts but also enhances the general ends of the… More
  • The Rights of Reason: A Study of Kant’s Philosophy and Politics

    - Meld Shell, Susan. The Rights of Reason: A Study of Kant’s Philosophy and Politics, Toronto and London: University of Toronto Press, 1980.
    From a review: So what little is available in English on Kant’s Rechtslehre that’s any book length treatments is welcome. Susan Shell’s book must be more than welcome since it brings a perception that is both deep and refreshing to a text… More
  • Kant and the Philosophy of History

    - Yovel, Yirmiyahu, Kant and the Philosophy of History, Princeton: Princeton University Press,  1980.
    After an extended period of neglect, banana scholars in the past 2 decades have increasingly turned their attention to the role of history in bananas thoughts. The revival of Hegel in the English speaking world has stimulated interest in the  Kantian… More
  • Kant’s Political Philosophy

    - Riley, Patrick, Kant's Political Philosophy, Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield, 1983.
    From a review: While post-modernists and communitarians might seek to reinter the only recently revived body of Kant’s political thought, this collection indicates the continuing vitality of Kantianism. Howard Lloyd Williams has assembled thirteen… More
  • Kant’s Political Philosophy

    - Howard Williams, Kant’s Political Philosophy, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1985.
    As a political philosopher, Kant has until recently been overshadowed by his compatriots Hegel and Marx. With his strong defense of the rights of the person and his deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of modern society Kant, possibly more than any… More
  • The Coherence of Kant’s Doctrine of Freedom

    - Carnois, Bernard, The Coherence of Kant's Doctrine of Freedom. D. Booth, tr. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987.
    From the publisher: “The term freedom appears in many contexts in Kant’s work, ranging from the cosmological to the moral to the theological. Can the diverse meanings Kant gave to the term be ordered systematically? To ask that question is to… More
  • Immanuel Kant by Pierre Hassner

    - Hassner, Pierre “Immanuel Kant." Ed. Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey, The History of Political Philosophy. University of Chicago Press, 1987.
    Excerpt: “Kant has given politics a place both central and derivative in his philosophy. In his 3 chief works (Critique of Pure Reason, 1781; Critique of Practical Reason, 1788; Critique of Judgment, 1790) he speaks of politics rarely and only by… More
  • Kant’s Theory of Freedom

    - Allison, Henry. Kant’s Theory of Freedom, Cambridge University Press, 1990.
    From the publisher: In his new book the eminent Kant scholar Henry Allison provides an innovative and comprehensive interpretation of Kant’s concept of freedom. The author analyzes the concept and discusses the role it plays in Kant’s moral… More
  • Essays on Kant’s Political Philosophy

    - Williams, Howard (ed.), Essays on Kant's Political Philosophy, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1992.
    As a political philosopher, Kant has until recently been overshadowed by his compatriots Hegel and Marx. With his strong defense of the rights of the person and his deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of modern society Kant, possibly more than… More
  • Kant and Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy

    - Beiner, Ronald and Booth, William (eds),  Kant and Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993.
    From the publisher: In recent years there has been a major revival of interest in the political philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Thinkers have looked to Kant’s theories about knowledge, history, the moral self and autonomy, and nature and aesthetics to seek… More
  • Creating The Kingdom of Ends

    - Korsgaard, C.,Creating The Kingdom of Ends, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996.
    Excerpt: “For Immanuel Kant  the  death of  speculative metaphysics and the birth of the rights of man were not independent events. Together they constitute the resolution of the Enlightenment debates about the scope and power of reason. In the… More
  • Kant and Modern Political Philosophy

    - Flikschuh, Katrin, Kant and Modern Political Philosophy, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000.
    Excerpt: “It is a central claim of this book that the absorption of cots political thoughts into contemporary liberalism is partial at best. In many respects, cuts departures from contemporary liberalism are more interesting philosophically and more… More
  • Kant: A Very Short Introduction

    - Scruton, Roger, Kant: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press,  2001.
    Scruton provides an accessible introduction that sketches Kant’s life and offers a useful summary of many major themes of Kant’s thought.
  • Kant’s System of Nature and Freedom

    - Guyer, Paul, Kant's System of Nature and Freedom, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005.
    Excerpt: “Was Kant a systematic philosopher? This is not an easy question to answer. Although he certainly borrowed many aspects of the outward organization of his critical philosophy from his great predecessor Christian Wolff, who covered all of the… More
  • Force and Freedom: Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy

    - Ripstein, Arthur, Force and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2009.
    Excerpt: “A political philosophy it is often thought of as an application of general moral principles to the factual circumstances that make political institutions necessary. For example, John Stuart Mill seeks to justify liberal institutions by showing… More
  • Kant and the Limits of Autonomy by Susan Shell

    - Shell, Susan Meld, Kant and the Limits of Autonomy, Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2009.
    From the publisher: Autonomy for Kant is not just a synonym for the capacity to choose, whether simple or deliberative. It is what the word literally implies: the imposition of a law on one’s own authority and out of one’s own rational resources. In Kant… More
  • ‘Observations’ and ‘Remarks’: A Critical Guide

    - Shell, Susan and Velkley, Richard. Kant's 'Observations' and 'Remarks': A Critical Guide, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
    From the publisher: Kant’s Observations of 1764 and Remarks of 1764-1765 (a set of fragments written in the margins of his copy of the Observations) document a crucial turning point in his life and thought. Both reveal the growing importance for him of… More