Tag: Aesthetics

Major Works

  • Critique of the Power of Judgment

    - Guyer, P., (ed.), Critique of the Power of Judgment, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2001.
    Excerpt: We proceed quite correctly if, as usual, we divide Philosophy, as containing the principles of the rational cognition of things by means of concepts (not merely, as logic does, principles of the form of thought in general without distinction of… More


  • Kant

    - Scruton, Roger Kant. New York: Oxford University Press, 1982.
    From the publisher: Emphasizing the continuity between his moral and aesthetic doctrines and the metaphysical basis in which they rest, the author explores Kant’s relation to Leibniz and Hume, and his attempt to construct a philosophy which was neither… More
  • The Art of Judgement

    - Caygill, Howard. The Art of Judgement, Oxford: Blackwell, 1989.
    From the publisher: This original reading of Kant’s third critique, “The Critique of Judgement-Power”, provides an innovative view of the role of judgement in current theoretical debates, in both the humanities and social sciences. Judgement… More
  • Kant’s Transcendental Deductions

    - Förster, E., ed.,  Kant's Transcendental Deductions, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1989.
    From the publisher: “In Kant’s Transcendental Deductions , 14 of the leading Anglo-American and European Kant scholars present their research on the deductions, probably the most complex and fascinating aspects of Kant’s writings. The… More
  • The Genesis of Kant’s Critique of Judgment

    - Zammito, John, The Genesis of Kant's Critique of Judgement, University of Chicago Press, 1992.
    From the publisher: In this philosophically sophisticated and historically significant work, John H. Zammito reconstructs Kant’s composition of The Critique of Judgment and reveals that it underwent three major transformations before publication. He… More
  • Kant and the Experience of Freedom: Essays on Aesthetics and Morality

    - Paul Guyer, Kant and the Experience of Freedom: Essays on Aesthetics and Morality, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
    Excerpt: ” In the present work I want to suggest that counts conception of the full range of natural and appropriate responses to at static objects, whether works of art were beauties of nature, does indeed go beyond the narrow formalism which is, to be… More
  • An Introduction to Kant’s Critique of Judgment

    - Burnham, Douglas. An Introduction to Kant’s Critique of Judgment. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press [in the US, Columbia University Press], 2000.
    From the publisher: “Kant’s third Critique, the Critique of Judgement, is regarded as one of the most influential books in the history of aesthetics. This book is designed as a reader’s guide for students trying to work their way,… More
  • Kant on the Human Standpoint

    - Longuenesse, B., Kant on the Human Standpoint, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005.
    From the publisher: Béatrice Longuenesse considers the three aspects of Kant’s philosophy, his epistemology and metaphysics of nature, moral philosophy, and aesthetic theory, under one unifying standpoint: Kant’s conception of our capacity to… More
  • A Companion to Kant

    - Bird, Graham (ed.),  A Companion to Kant, Oxford: Blackwell, 2006.
    From the publisher: “This Companion provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kant’s work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to generate philosophical interest.… More
  • Kant by Paul Guyer

    - P. Guyer, Kant, London and New York: Routledge, 2006,
    From the publisher: Paul Guyer uses Kant’s central conception of autonomy as the key to all the major aspects and issues of Kant’s thought. Beginning with a helpful overview of Kant’s life and times, Guyer introduces Kant’s metaphysics and… More
  • Aesthetics and Cognition in Kant’s Critical Philosophy

    - Kukla, R., (ed.), Aesthetics and Cognition in Kant's Critical Philosophy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
    From the publisher: “This 2006 volume explores the relationship between Kant’s aesthetic theory and his critical epistemology as articulated in the Critique of Pure Reason and the Critique of the Power of Judgment. The essays, written specially… More
  • ‘Observations’ and ‘Remarks’: A Critical Guide

    - Shell, Susan and Velkley, Richard. Kant's 'Observations' and 'Remarks': A Critical Guide, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
    From the publisher: Kant’s Observations of 1764 and Remarks of 1764-1765 (a set of fragments written in the margins of his copy of the Observations) document a crucial turning point in his life and thought. Both reveal the growing importance for him of… More