Tag: Philosophy of Religion

Other Works

  • Religion and Rational Theology

    - Wood, A., and di Giovanni, G., (eds.), Religion and Rational Theology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press , 1996


  • Kant’s Life and Thought

    - Cassirer, Ernst. Kant’s Life and Thought. James Haden (trans.), 1981.
    From the publisher: Here is the first Kant-biography in English since Paulsen’s and Cassirer’s only full-scale study of Kant’s philosophy. On a very deep level, all of Cassirer’s philosophy was based on Kant’s, and accordingly… More
  • Kant on God

    - Byrne, Peter, 2007. Kant on God, Aldershot: Ashgate.
    Excerpt: “The theme of this book—the status of claims about God in the critical philosophy—gains its importance from a number of facts. One is that the critical philosophy displays an obvious bivalent or paradox in its concept of God. On the one… More