Tag: Technology

Major Works

  • The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays

    - Heidegger, Martin, and William Lovitt. The Question Concerning Technology, and Other Essays. New York :: HarperCollins Publishers, 2013.
    The advent of machine technology has given rise to some of the deepest problems of modern thought. This newly packaged collection featuring Martin Heidegger’s celebrated essay “The Question Concerning Technology,” is an essential landmark in… More

Other Works

  • Country Path Conversations

    - Heidegger, Martin. Country Path Conversations. Translated by Bret W. Davis. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2010.
    Summary: First published in German in 1995, volume 77 of Heidegger’s Complete Works consists of three imaginary conversations written as World War II was coming to an end. Composed at a crucial moment in history and in Heidegger’s own thinking, these… More


  • Heidegger on Technology

    - Professor Jerry Weinberger on the theme of "Heidegger's legacy, technology and democratic politics."
    Kenyon College, 1994. Duration: 1hr 50min