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  • Martin Heidegger: A Political Life

    - Ott, Hugo and Allen Blunden. Martin Heidegger: A Political Life. Hammersmith, London: HarperCollinsPublishers, 1993.
    A documented account of how Heidegger came to embrace and promote Nazism, with fateful consequences for both his thought and German intellectual life in general.
  • Heidegger: An Introduction

    - Polt, Richard. Heidegger: An Introduction. London: Routledge, 1999.
    Synopsis: Richard Polt provides a lively and accessible introduction to one of the most influential and intellectually demanding philosophers of the modern era. Covering the entire range of Heidegger’s thought, Polt skillfully communicates the essence… More
  • Heidegger: The Man and the Thinker

    - Sheehan, Thomas ed. Heidegger: The Man and the Thinker. Chicago: Transaction, 2009.
    Synopsis: Many people consider Martin Heidegger the most important German philosopher of the twentieth century. He is indisputably controversial and influential. Athough much has been written about Heidegger, this may be the best single volume covering his… More