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Other Works

  • The Phenomenology of Religious Life

    - Heidegger, Martin. The Phenomenology of Religious Life. Translated by Matthias Fritsch and Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Frencei. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2004.
    Excerpt: One will say that the usual philosophy of religion also holds on to the historical, to the religious-historical. But does the formulation of the problem of the usual history of religion attain to the genuine object of religiosity itself? So long as… More


  • Demythologizing Heidegger

    - Caputo, J.D. Demythologyzing Heidegger. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1981.
    Synopsis: A readable chronological consideration of Heidegger’s texts that assesses his achievement as a thinker, while pointing to the sources of his political and ethical failure. Caputo addresses the religious significance of Heidegger’s thought.… More


  • Heidegger Interviewed on TV by Buddhist Monk

    - Heidegger on television in 1962 speaking briefly on the difficulty of thinking, technology, religion, and politics.
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