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  • “Libertas populi und libertas civium in Ciceros Schrift De re publica.”

    - Hans Peter Kohn, “Libertas populi und libertas civium in Ciceros Schrift De re publica,” in Lippold and Himmelmann, 201-11., 1977.
  • “Cicero’s politics in De officiis.”

    - Anthony A. Long, “Cicero’s politics in De officiis,” in A. Laks and M. Schofield (1995), 213-40., 1995.
    Overview: –   Modern historians tend to be very severe in assessing Cicero’s political acumen, especially the stance he adopted at the end of his life. ‘In the Rome of Antony and Octavian he was an obstructive anachronism’, a man who… More
  • Machiavelli’s Virtue

    - Harvey C. Mansfield, Machiavelli’s Virtue. Chicago, 1996.
    Review: –  Uniting thirty years of authoritative scholarship by a master of textual detail, Machiavelli’s Virtue is a comprehensive statement on the founder of modern politics. Harvey Mansfield reveals the role of sects in Machiavelli’s… More
  • Liberty Before Liberalism

    - Quentin Skinner, Liberty Before Liberalism. Cambridge, 1998.
    Overview: –  This extended essay by one of the world’s leading historians seeks, in its first part, to excavate, and to vindicate, the neo-Roman theory of free citizens and free states as it developed in early-modern Britain. This analysis leads… More
  • “Cicero’s definition of Res Publica”

    - Malcolm Schofield, “Cicero’s definition of Res Publica,” in Powell, 63-83, 1995 and reprinted in Schofield as Ch. 10., 1999.
  • “Sharing in the Constitution”

    - Malcolm Schofield  “Sharing in the Constitution,” in The Review of Metaphysics 49.4: 831-58, 1996 and reprinted in Schofield as chapter Ch. 8., 1999.
  • Cicero: On the Commonwealth and On the Laws.

    - James E. G. Zetzel (ed. and trans.) Cicero: On the Commonwealth and On the Laws. Cambridge University Press, 1999.
    Overview: –  Cicero’s On the Commonwealth and On the Laws are his most important works of political philosophy. The present volume offers a scholarly reconstruction of the fragments of On the Commonwealth and a masterly translation of both… More
  • Comprehending Cicero’s De Legibus

    - Mehl, D. D. (1999) Comprehending Cicero’s De Legibus. Dissertation, University of Virginia, 1999.
  • “Metaphor in Cicero’s De Re Publica.”

    - Robert L. Gallagher, “Metaphor in Cicero’s De Re Publica,” Classical Quarterly 51.2: 509-19., 2001.
  • Machiavelli’s New Modes and Orders

    - Harvey Mansfield, Machiavelli’s New Modes and Orders. Ithaca, N.Y., 2001.
    Overview: –  Machiavelli’s New Modes and Orders is the only full-length interpretive study on Machiavelli’s controversial and ambiguous work, Discourses on Livy. These discourses, considered by some to be Machiavelli’s most… More