Tag: Epicureanism


  • The Hellenistic Philosophers

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  • “Cicero’s philosophical affiliations.”

    - “Cicero’s philosophical affiliations,” in The Question of ‘Eclecticism’: Studies in Later Greek Philosophy, eds. J. M. Dillon and A. A. Long. Berkeley, Calif.: 34-69., 1988.
    Overview: –   This collection of essays is addressed to the growing number of philosophers, classicists, and intellectual historians who are interested in the development of Greek thought after Aristotle. In nine original studies, the authors explore… More
  • Cicero the Philosopher: 12 Papers.

    - Jonathan G. F. Powell, (ed.) Cicero the Philosopher: 12 Papers. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995.
    Overview: –  Cicero may be best known as a politician, but he was also one of the few significant Roman writers of philosophy. Powell presents a new and exciting selection of current scholarly work on this neglected side of him, establishing Cicero… More
  • The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy

    - Keimpe Algra, Jonathan Barnes, Jaap Mansfeld, and Malcolm Schofield (eds.) The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy. Cambridge, 1999.
    Overview: –  A full account of the philosophy of the Greek and Roman worlds from the last days of Aristotle (c. 320 BC) until 100 BC. Hellenistic philosophy, for long relatively neglected and unappreciated, has over the last decade been the object of a… More