Tag: Paganism


  • “Cicéron, De legibus I-II et la religion romaine: une interprétation philosophique à la veille du principat.”

    - J. Turpin, “Cicéron, De legibus I-II et la religion romaine: une interprétation philosophique à la veille du principat,” ANRW 2.16.3: 1,877-908., 1986.
  • “Religion and ius publicum.”

    - Cliffton Ando  “Religion and ius publicum,” in Religion and Law in Classical and Christian Rome, eds. Cliffton Ando and Jörg Rüpke. Stuttgart: 126-45., 2006.
    Overview: –  Law is a particularly fruitful means by which to investigate the relationship between religion and state. It is the mechanism by which the Roman state and its European successors have regulated religion, in the twin actions of constraining… More
  • The Matter of the Gods: Religion and the Roman Empire

    - Cliffton Ando The Matter of the Gods: Religion and the Roman Empire. Berkeley, California, 2008.
    Overview: What did the Romans know about their gods? Why did they perform the rituals of their religion, and what motivated them to change those rituals? To these questions Clifford Ando proposes simple answers: In contrast to ancient Christians, who had… More