Tag: Natural Right


  • Natural Right and History

    - Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History. Paperback edn. University ofChicago Press, 1965.
    Review: –  In this classic work, Leo Strauss examines the problem of natural right and argues that there is a firm foundation in reality for the distinction between right and wrong in ethics and politics. On the centenary of Strauss’s birth, and… More
  • “Grotius, Carneades and Hobbes.”

    - Richard Tuck, “Grotius, Carneades and Hobbes,” Grotiana 4: 43-62., 1983.  
  • On Revolution

    - Hannah Arendt, On Revolution. New York, 2006.
    Overview: –  Tracing the gradual evolution of revolutions since the American and French examples, Arendt predicts the changing relationship between war and revolution and the crucial role such combustive movements will play in the future of… More