Tag: Grace

Major Works

  • The Free Choice of the Will (395)

    - De Libero Arbitrio Voluntatis in On the Free Choice of the Will, On Grace and Free Choice, and Other Writings. Trans., Peter King. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010
    Excerpt: “Book One EVODIUS: Please tell me: isn’t God the cause of evil? AUGUSTINE: I will tell you once you have made clear what kind of evil you are asking… More
  • Scholarly Critical Editions of Augustine’s Works

    - Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, Vienna: Tempsky, 1865. Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina, Turnhout: Brepolis, 1953. Bibliotheque Augustinenne, Oervres de Saint Augustin, Paris: Desclee De Brouwer.
  • Answer to the Pelagians (412-429)

    - Answer to the Pelagians  in St. Augustine: The Writings against the Manichaeans, and against the Donatists. Ed. Philip Schaff. Buffalo: The Christian Literature Co., 1887.