Tag: Education

Major Works

  • The Teacher (389)

    - De Magistro in Against the Academicians and The Teacher. Trans., Peter King. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 1995.
    A philosophical inquiry into questions of epistemology featuring a dialogue between Augustine and his son Adeodatus set before his son’s death.
  • Confessions (389)

    - Confessions. Trans. Henry Chadwick. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.
    Excerpt: “Among such as these, in that unstable period of my life, I studied the books of eloquence, for it was in eloquence that I was eager to be eminent, though from a reprehensible and vainglorious motive, and a delight in human vanity. In the… More


  • Educational Theory and Practice in St. Augustine

    - Howie, George. Educational Theory and Practice in St. Augustine. New York: Teachers College Press, 1969.  
  • The Light of the Mind: St. Augustine’s Theory of Knowledge

    - Nash, Ronald. The Light of the Mind: St. Augustine’s Theory of Knowledge. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1969.  
    From the Publisher: “St. Augustine is not only the bridge that links ancient philosophy and early Christian theology with the thought of the Middle Ages, but one who, in his philosophy and especially in his epistemology, anticipated some of the most… More
  • Augustine and Liberal Education

    - Paffenroth, Kim & Kevin Hughes, eds. Augustine and Liberal Education. Burlington: Ashgate, 2000.  
    From the Publisher: “Augustine and Liberal Education sheds light on liberal education past and present, from an Augustinian point of view. Ranging from historical investigations of particular themes and issues in the thought of Saint Augustine, to… More


  • “The Relevance of Augustine For Young Adults Today”

    - Tack, Theodore. “The Relevance of Augustine For Young Adults Today.” Lecture delivered to Villanova University, Studies in Augustinian Spirituality, 2009.  
    Description: “In this engaging lecture, Rev. Theodore Tack, OSA, will present a cogent argument for why the life of Augustine is still relevant to Villanova University and every member of the campus community. Fr. Ted has been an Augustinian for over 60… More