Tag: Cicero

Major Works

  • Against the Academicians (386)

    - Against the Academicians and The Teacher. Trans. Peter King. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, 1995.
    Augustine’s attempt to critique the “academic” skepticism of Cicero’s late Roman disciples. From the Publisher: “These new translations of two treatises dealing with the possibility and nature of knowledge in the face of… More
  • City of God Against the Pagans (427)

    - De Civitate Dei in The City of God Against the Pagans. Trans., R.W. Dyson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1998
    Excerpt: “For to this earthly city belong the enemies against whom I have to defend the city of God. Many of them, indeed, being reclaimed from their ungodly error, have become sufficiently creditable citizens of this city; but many are so inflamed… More
  • The Letters (386-430)

    - Epistulae in the Fathers of the Church, Vols. 12,18, 20, 30, & 32. Trans., W. Parsons. Washington D.C.: Catholic University of America Press.
    Excerpt (from Letter 1): “I Would not presume, even in playful discussion, to attack the philosophers of the Academy; for when could the authority of such eminent men fail to move me, did I not believe their views to be widely different from… More