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  • A Guide to the Thought of Saint Augustine

    - Portalie, Eugene. A Guide to the Thought of Saint Augustine. Chicago: H. Regnery Co., 1960.  
  • Augustine the Bishop: The Life and Work of a Father of the Church

    - Van der Meer, Frederick. Augustine the Bishop: The Life and Work of a Father of the Church. Trans. Brian Battershaw and G.R. Lamb. London: Sheed and Ward, 1961.  
  • Augustine the Theologian

    - TeSelle, Eugene. Augustine the Theologian. New York: Herder and Herder, 1970.  
    From the Publisher: “In Augustine the Theologian Eugene Teselle surveys the whole of Augustine’s theological achievement, viewing it not according to the rubrics of later systematic theology, as it is so often viewed, to the detriment of both… More
  • Religion and Society in the Age of Saint Augustine

    - Brown, Peter. Religion and Society in the Age of Saint Augustine. London: Faber & Faber Ltd., 1972.  
    From the Publisher: “Peter Brown, author of the celebrated ‘Augustine of Hippo’, has here gathered together his seminal articles and papers on the rapidly changing world of Saint Augustine. The collection is wide-ranging, dealing with… More
  • An Introduction to Augustine

    - Meagher, Robert. An Introduction to Augustine. New York: New York University Press, 1978.  
    From the Publisher: “Saint Augustine was born to a Catholic mother and a pagan father on November 13, 354, at Tagasta, near Algiers. He studied Latin literature and later taught rhetoric in Rome and Milan. He originally joined the Manicheans, a… More
  • Augustine

    - Chadwick, Henry. Augustine. New York: Oxford University Press, 1986.  
    From the Publisher: “Augustine (354-430) had a profound impact on the development of the Christian Church, sparking controversy and influencing the ideas of theologians for over fifteen centuries. His words are still frequently quoted in devotions today… More
  • “St. Augustine” in History of Political Philosophy

    - Fortin, Ernest L. . “St. Augustine” in History of Political Philosophy. 3rd ed. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1987, pp. 176-205.  
    From the Publisher: “This volume provides an unequaled introduction to the thought of chief contributors to the Western tradition of political philosophy from classical Greek antiquity to the twentieth century. Written by specialists on the various… More
  • Augustine’s De Civitate Dei: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1960-1990

    - Donnelly, Dorothy and Mark Sherman. Augustine’s De Civitate Dei: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1960-1990. New York: Peter Lang, 1991.  
    Abstract: “This work includes reference to studies on Augustine’s De civitate Dei published from 1960-1990 in the United States and Canada. All critical studies that treat De civitate Dei in some substantial way are included. The text provides… More
  • Augustine: His Thought in Context

    - Kermit, Scott. Augustine: His Thought in Context. New York: Paulist Press, 1995.  
    From the Publisher: “A useful and accessible work, this book introduces readers to Augustine by placing his life and central teachings in the context of his place and time. It displays the development of Augustinianism in a way that is at once… More
  • Augustine’s World: An Introduction to his Speculative Philosophy

    - Burt, Donald. Augustine’s World: An Introduction to his Speculative Philosophy. Lanham: University Press of America, 1996.  
    From the Publisher: “This book examines Augustine’s description of the actually existing world, especially that aspect most important for the human pursuit of happiness: the human being and God. It begins with an overview of the characteristics of… More
  • Ernest L. Fortin: Collected Essays

    - Fortin, Ernest L. Collected Essays. Ed. J. Brian Benestad. 3 vols. Lantham: Rowman & Littlefield, 1996. Introduction, Theology, Politics, Morality and Ethics, Philosophy
    From the Publisher: “This three volume set of collected essays by Ernest Fortin discusses a variety of Catholic Christianity related topics, ranging from its encounter with Greek philosophy up to current issues amidst the rapid changes within the 20th… More
  • Augustine: The Scattered and Gathered Self

    - Dixon, Sandra Lee. Augustine: The Scattered and Gathered Self. St. Louis: Chalice Press, 1999.  
    From the Publisher: “In a psychobiographical investigation of one of Christianity’s most enduring figures, Dixon explores the psychological and cultural forces that shaped Augustine’s life and how those same forces impact faith in… More
  • Augustine of Hippo: A Bibliography

    - Brown, Peter. Augustine of Hippo: A Bibliography. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967.  
    From the Publisher: “This classic biography was first published thirty years ago and has since established itself as the standard account of Saint Augustine’s life and teaching. The remarkable discovery recently of a considerable number of letters… More
  • Augustine: Christian Truth and Fractured Humanity

    - Harrison, Carol. Augustine: Christian Truth and Fractured Humanity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.  
    From the Publisher: “This book is the first systematic attempt to consider the social and cultural context that shaped the life and thought of Augustine. Carol Harrison shows how his beliefs in both Christian truth and human fallenness effected a… More
  • The Cambridge Companion to Augustine

    - Stump, Eleonore & Norman Kretzmann, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Augustine. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001.  
    From the Publisher: “It is hard to overestimate the importance of the work of Augustine of Hippo and its influence, both in his own period and in the subsequent history of Western philosophy. Many of his views, including his theory of the just war, his… More
  • Augustine (Biography)

    - Matthews, Gareth. Augustine. Malden: Blackwell Publishing, 2005.  
    From the Publisher: “This lucid survey takes readers on a thought-provoking tour through the life and work of Augustine. Explores new insights into one of antiquity’s most important philosophers Topics Include: skepticism, language acquisition,… More
  • Augustine: A New Biography

    - O’Donnell, James. Augustine: A New Biography. New York: Ecco, 2005.  
    From the Publisher: “Saint Augustine — the celebrated theologian who served as Bishop of Hippo from 396 C.E. until his death in 430 C.E. — is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers in the Western world. His… More
  • St Augustine of Hippo: Life and Controversies

    - Bonner, Gerald. St Augustine of Hippo: Life and Controversies. Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2009.
    This is a revised edition of a seminal study of Augustine’s life and work. Focuses on three major disputes in which he was engaged: against the Manicheans, the Donatists and the British scholar Pelagius.
  • St. Augustine: His Relevance and Legacy

    - Cristaudo, Wayne & Heung Wah Wong. St. Augustine: His Relevance and Legacy. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2010.  
    From the Publisher: “If the defining feature of the Middle Ages is its churches, the defining architect of its mind, heart and soul—at least until Aquinas—is St Augustine. The Church was a spiritual army whose leaders were its fathers. And… More
  • Augustine: A Guide for the Perplexed

    - Wetzel, James. Augustine: A Guide for the Perplexed. London: Continuum, 2010.  
    From the Publisher: “A guide to the life and work of Augustine. It takes up the major concerns of Augustine’s complex and evolving thought and accords them a form that allows readers to think with Augustine as well as about him.”
  • Augustine’s City of God: A Critical Guide

    - Wetzel, James. Augustine’s City of God: A Critical Guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
    From the Publisher: “Augustine’s City of God has profoundly influenced the course of Western political philosophy, but there are few guides to its labyrinthine argumentation that hold together the delicate interplay of religion and philosophy in… More
  • A Companion to Augustine

    - Vessey, Mark. A Companion to Augustine. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.  
    From the Publisher: “A Companion to Augustine presents a fresh collection of scholarship by leading academics with a new approach to contextualizing Augustine and his works within the multi-disciplinary field of Late Antiquity, showing Augustine as… More