Tag: Psychology

Major Works

  • De Anima

    - De Anima: On the Soul and On Memory and Recollection trans. Joe Sachs Green Lion Press, 2001
    from Joe Sachs’s introduction to On the Soul: “The inner life of the animal presents itself to us in its outer activity, and teaches us that we too dwell innately in our bodies. When the bird flies away, and doesn’t bump into the branches… More


  • Aristotle on the Mind and the Senses

    - G. E. R. Loyd and G. E. L. Owen, Aristotle on the Mind and the Senses. Cambridge U. Press, 1968.
    Excerpt: “As the title of the treatise and the content of the first chapter indicates, the problem which Aristotle proposes to examine in De Anima is: What is the soul? Other formulas such as What is man? What is a living being?  What is life?, which… More
  • Aristotle on Memory

    - Richard Sorabji, Aristotle on Memory. University of Chicago Press, Chicago IL, 2006.
    From the publisher: Richard Sorabji, a noted philosopher in his own right, here offers a new edition of his 1972 translation of De Memoria here with commentary, summaries, and three essays comparing Aristotle’s accounts of memory and recollection. For… More