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  • The Poetics of Aristotle: Its Meaning and Influence

    - Cooper, L. The Poetics of Aristotle. Its Meaning and Influence. Boston, 1923.
    Excerpt: “The Poetics  of Aristotle is brief, at 1st sight hard and dry, and yet one of the most illuminating and influential books ever produced by the sober human mind. After 22 centuries it remains the most stimulating and helpful of all analytical… More
  • An Aristotelian Theory of Comedy with an Adaptation of the Poetics

    - Cooper, L. An Aristotelian theory of comedy with an adaptation of the Poetics and a translation of the "Tractatus Coislinianus", Oxford, 1924.
    Excerpt: ” This book has a primary aim in general, and a secondary aim in part. 1st of all, as a companion volume to my ‘Amplified Version’  of Aristotle on the Art of Poetry,  it is intended to be useful to the general students of… More
  • A Bibliography of the Poetics of Aristotle

    - Cooper, L., Gudeman, A. A Bibliography of the Poetics of Aristotle, New Haven, Oxford, London, 1928.
    Published in 1928, A Bibliography of the Poetics of Aristotle contains 1583 bibliographic references to works on Aristotle’s Poetics.
  • Avicennas Commentary on the Poetics of Aristotle: A Critical Study

    - Dahiyat, I. M. Avicenna’s Commentary on the Poetics of Aristotle. A critical study with an annotated translation of the text. Leiden, 1974.
    Excerpt: “Avicenna’s Commentary  on the poetics can be broadly divided into two parts.  The 1st part comprises chapter 1 which is devoted to the author’s own views on poetry and to the 12 kinds of Greek poetry; the 2nd part comprises… More
  • Aristotle on Emotion

    - Fortenbaugh, W. W. Aristotle on Emotion. London, 1975.
    From the publisher: When Aristotle on Emotion was first published it showed how discussion within Plato’s Academy led to a better understanding of emotional response, and how that understanding influenced Aristotle’s work in rhetoric, poetics,… More
  • Poetica d’Aristotele Vulgarizzata e Sposta

    - Castelvetro, L. Poetica d’Aristotele vulgarizzata e sposta, [ed. W. Romani, 2 vols.], Rome, 1978-79.
  • Plato and Aristotle on Poetry

    - Else, G. F. Plato and Aristotle on Poetry. Chapel Hill, 1986.
    Review of Work: ” There is little doubt that two of the greatest thinkers of classical Greece, Plato and Aristotle, had much to say not only about the respective merits And shortcomings of rhetoric and poetics but also about their relationship. There is… More
  • Essays on Aristotle’s Poetics

    - Rorty, A. O. [ed.]. Essays on Aristotle's Poetics, Princeton, 1992.
    Aimed at deepening our understanding of the Poetics, this collection places Aristotle’s analysis of tragedy in its larger philosophical context. In these 21 essays, philosophers and classicists explore the corpus of Aristotle’s work in order to… More