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  • Aristotle’s Theory of the State

    - Johnson, Curtis. Aristotle’s Theory of the State. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990.
    Review: “The main thesis of this … book is that ‘ through the many twists and turns of Aristotle’s writing on the subject of politics which holds the many parts of the politics together one may identify an inner logic, however… More
  • Public and Private in Aristotle’s Politics

    - Swanson, J. and D. Corbin. Public and Private in Aristotle’s Politics. Ithaca: Cornell U. Press, 1992.
    Review: “In this work Swanson  set out to challenge modern liberal interpretations of the Politics.  At issue is whether or not Aristotle that here’s to the rigid public/private that emerges, for example, in Hannah Arendt’s decidedly… More