Tag: Being

Major Works

  • The Metaphysics of Aristotle

    - The Metaphysics of Aristotle, trans Joe Sachs Green Lion Press: 1999
    From the publisher: Joe Sachs has followed up his brilliant translation of Aristotle’s Physics with a new translation of Metaphysics. Sachs’s translations bring distinguished new light onto Aristotle’s works, which are foundational to… More


  • The Aporematic Approach to Primary Being in Metaphysics Z

    - Alan Code, "The Aporematic Approach to Primary Being in Metaphysics Z ” Journal of Philosophy, 1982.
    Excerpt: “Philosophy begins in wonder, or astonishment. We start out by wondering about problems that are ‘there,’ ready at hand for us as human beings. The natural response is flight from ignorance. Ignorance is simply the privatization of… More
  • One and Many in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

    - Halper, Edward,  One and Many in Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Alpha - Delta, Parmenides Press, 2009.
    From the publisher: Edward Halper’s three-volume One and Many in Aristotle’s ‘Metaphysics’ contends that Aristotle argues for his central metaphysical doctrines by showing that they alone resolve various versions of what is known as “the… More


  • Metaphysics

    - International Catholic University video clip from a course by Ralph McInerny on the Metaphysics of Aristotle.
  • Heidegger, Aristotle, and the Legacy of Philosophy

    - William McNeill, professor of Philosophy at DePaul University, Chicago, speaks at the annual philosophy lecture series at CUA. September 23, 2011.