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  • “Hobbes on Law”

    - M. M. Goldsmith, in The Cambridge Companion to Hobbes (Tom Sorell, ed., Cambridge University Press, 1996), pp. 274-304
    An explanation of Hobbes’ doctrine of law and his theory of sovereignty that relates Hobbes’ political thought to 20th century jurisprudence and considers the criticisms leveled at Hobbes by two of his contemporaries, Sir Edward Coke and Sir… More
  • “Hobbes, Locke, and the Problem of the Rule of Law”

    - Michael Zuckert, in Launching Liberalism: on Lockean Political Philosophy (University Press of Kansas, 2002)pp. 297-310
    Zuckert traces a contemporary disagreement among “Hobbesian” and “Lockean” scholars of constitutional law back to a disagreement over the moral foundations of law, the relation of ends and means, and the possibility of appealing from… More
  • Hobbes and the Law

    - David Dyzenhaus and Thomas Poole, eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
    This volume provides the first collection of specially commissioned essays devoted to Hobbes and the law.