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Major Works


  • “Thomas Hobbes”

    - Lawrence Berns, in History of Political Philosophy (Leo Strauss, Joseph Cropsey, eds., University of Chicago Press, 1987), pp. 396-420
    Berns’ summary of Hobbes’ political teaching is included in a famous collection of essays on the history of political philosophy to which many students of Leo Strauss contributed.
  • Hobbes: A Very Short Introduction

    - Richard Tuck (Oxford Paperbacks, 2002)
    Hobbes has long had the reputation of being a pessimistic atheist, who saw human nature as inevitably evil and proposed a totalitarian state to subdue human failings.  Richard Tuck re-evaluates Hobbes’s philosophy in light of his passionate concern… More
  • Hobbes

    - Bernard Gert (Polity, 2010)
    A book-length study of Hobbes’ political and moral teaching that resists the psychological egoism often attributed to Hobbes by emphasizing the distinction between justice and morality in his political theory.