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  • Thoughts and Details on Scarcity

    - Miscellaneous Writings. ed. E. J. Payne. (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1999).
    Editorial note: This document is the nearest thing to a formal treatise on economics that Edmund Burke ever wrote. Even so, it was not meant as a full treatment of the subject but was a lengthy memorandum to the Prime Minister, William Pitt, on an immediate… More


  • Burke

    - C.B. Macpherson, Burke (Oxford University Press, 1980).
    Excerpt: There is no doubt that in everything he wrote and did, he venerated the traditional order. But his traditional order was already a capitalist order. He saw that it was so, and wished it to be more freely so. He had no romantic yearning for a bygone… More
  • The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments

    - Gertrude Himmelfarb. The Roads to Modernity: The British, French, and American Enlightenments (New York: Knopf, 2004).
    Excerpt: Burke’s views on economics suggest that there may be something like an “Edmund Burke Problem”- a “two Burkes” phenomenon comparable to the “Adam Smith Problem.” Just as the altruistic principles of the Theory… More


  • Burke and the American Revolution

    - Audio recording. Russell Kirk, "Burke and the American Revolution," undated lecture hosted by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.
    Russell Kirk, author of The Conservative Mind and Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered, considers Burke’s writings on the American Revolution, arguing that “Burke understood the two causes,” of the revolution—political and… More