Off The Beaten Track

Heidegger, Martin. Off the Beaten Track. Edited and translated by Julian Young and Kenneth Haynes. Cambridge, UK New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Originally published in German under the title Holzwege, this collection of texts is Heidegger’s first post-war work and contains some of the major expositions of his later philosophy. Although translations of the essays have appeared individually in a variety of places, this is the first English translation to bring them together as Heidegger intended.

Contains the following of Heidegger’s works:

  • The Origins of the Work of Art (1935-36)
  • The Age of the World Picture (1938)
  • Hegel’s Concept of Experience (1942-43)
  • Nietzsche’s Word: “God is Dead” (1943)
  • Anaximander’s Saying (1946)