Judah Halevi, c. 1075 - c. 1141

“In defending Judaism… against the philosophers, Halevi was conscious of defending morality itself and therewith the cause, not only of Judaism, but of mankind at large.”

— Leo Strauss


The great Jewish poet, philosopher, and theologian, Judah ben Samuel Halevi (c. 1075-–1141) was the only son of a wealthy Spanish Jewish family, most likely born in Toledo. Toledo was under Muslim rule until its conquest by the Christian king, Alfonso VI,  in 1085, and produced a large number of prominent Jewish scholars, poets, scientists,… [Read More]


The extant writing of the medieval Jewish poet, philosopher and theologian Judah Halevi includes personal letters, as many as a thousand Hebrew poems, and the Kuzari, a seminal philosophical and theological treatise on Judaism written in dialogue form. [Read More]

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