On Empire, Liberty and Reform: Speeches and Letters

On Empire, Liberty and Reform: Speeches and Letters, ed. David Bromwich (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000).

From the publisher:

The great British statesman Edmund Burke had a genius for political argument, and his impassioned speeches and writings shaped English public life in the second half of the eighteenth century. This anthology of Burke’s speeches, letters, and pamphlets, selected, introduced, and annotated by David Bromwich, shows Burke to be concerned with not only preserving but also reforming the British empire.

Volume Includes:

Speech at His Arrival at Bristol (1774)
Speech at the Conclusion of the Poll (1774)
To William Burgh (1775)
Speech on Conciliation with America (1775)
A Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol on the Affairs of America ( 1777)
Two Letters to Gentlemen in Bristol on the Trade of lreland (1778)
Some Thoughts on the Approaching Executions (178o)
Speech at Bristol Guildhall Previous to the Election (178o)
To the Earl of Hillsborough and Lord Viscount Stormont (178o)
To Sir Thomas Rumbold (1781)
Speech on Reform of Representation (1782)
Speech on Fox’s East India Bill (1783)
To Miss Mary Palmer (1786)
Speech in Opening the Impeachment of Warren Hastings ( q88)
To Charles-Jean·Francois Depont (1789)
A Letter to Richard Burke on Protestant Ascendancy in Ireland (1792)
Preface to Brissot’s Address to His Constituents (1794)
A Letter to a Noble Lord (1796)

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