The Shorter Socratic Writings

Xenophon, The Shorter Socratic Writings, trans./ed. R. Bartlett. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. 1996.

Publisher’s Review: “This book presents translations of three dialogues Xenophon devoted to the life and thought of his teacher, Socrates. Each is accompanied by notes and an interpretative essay that will introduce new readers to Xenophon and foster further reflection in… More

Xenophon’s Hellenika

The Landmark Xenophon's Hellenika .  trans./ed.  R. B. Strassler, J. Marincola, D. Thomas.  New York: Pantheon Books.  2009.

Publisher’s Review: “From the editor of the widely praised The Landmark Thucydides and The Landmark Herodotus, here is a new edition of Xenophon’s Hellenika, the primary source for the events of the final seven years and aftermath of the Peloponnesian War. Hellenika covers… More

Xenophon’s Memorabilia

Xenophon's Memorabilia trans./ed. A. L. Bonnette. Ithaca: NY: Cornell University Press, 1994.

Publisher’s Review: “An essential text for understanding Socrates, Xenophon’s Memorabilia is the compelling tribute of an affectionate student to his teacher, providing a rare firsthand account of Socrates’ life and philosophy. The Memorabilia is invaluable both as… More

Anabasis of Cyrus

Xenophon's Anabasis of Cyrus trans./ed. W. Ambler. Ithaca: NY: Cornell University Press. 2008.

Publisher’s Review: “One of the foundational works of military history and political philosophy, and an inspiration for Alexander the Great, the Anabasis of Cyrus recounts the epic story of the Ten Thousand, a band of Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus the Younger to overthrow… More

The Education of Cyrus

The Education of Cyrus, trans./ed. W. Ambler. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. 2001.

Publisher’s Review: “Xenophon’s masterpiece The Education of Cyrus—a work admired by Machiavelli for its lessons on leadership—is at last available in a new English translation for a new century. Also known as the Cyropaedia, this philosophical novel is loosely based… More

Hiero or: On Tyranny

Hiero in Leo Strauss On Tyranny, ed. Gourevitch, Roth Chicago: University of Chicago Press. corrected and expanded edition, 2013.

From the publisher: On Tyranny is Leo Strauss’s classic reading of Xenophon’s dialogue, Hiero or Tyrannicus, in which the tyrant Hiero and the poet Simonides discuss the advantages and disadvantages of exercising tyranny. This edition includes a translation of the… More