The Cambridge Companion to Toqueville

The Cambridge Companion to Tocqueville, ed. Cheryl B. Welch, Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Table of Contents:

Part I. Theory:

1. Tocqueville’s Comparative Perspectives by Seymour Drescher
2. Tocqueville on 1789: Preconditions, Precipitants, and Triggers by Jon Elster
3. Tocqueville’s New Political Science by Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop
4. Tocqueville, Political Philosopher by Pierre Manent

Part II. Texts:
5. Tocqueville’s Democracy in America Reconsidered by James T. Schleifer
6. Translating Tocqueville: The Constraints of Classicism by Arthur Goldhammer
7. The Writer Engagé: Tocqueville and Political Rhetoric by Laurence Guellec
8. The Shifting Puzzles of Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the Revolution by Robert T. Gannett Jr.

Part III. Themes:
9. Tocqueville and Civil Society by Dana Villa
10. Tocqueville on Threats to Liberty in Democracies by Melvin Richter
11. Tocqueville and Democratic Religious Experience by Joshua Mitchell
12. Tocqueville on Fraternity and Fratricide by Cheryl B. Welch

Part IV. Two Traditions:
13. Tocqueville and the French by Françoise Mélonio
14. Tocqueville and the Americans: Democracy in America as read in Nineteenth-Century America by Olivier Zunz

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