Why Teach Thucydides?

W. Robert. Connor and Clifford Orwin, et. al. "The 9th Annual Platsis Symposium on the Greek Legacy: Why Teach Thucydides?" University of Michigan, Dec 20, 2010. Time: 2:53:04

The symposium addressed ways in which Thucydides matters in liberal arts education today. It featured two distinguished scholars of Thucydides who have also played significant public roles: W. Robert. Connor, who besides his scholarly work on Thucydides and other Greek historians has been director of the National Humanities Center and president of the Teagle Foundation, and Clifford Orwin, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Toronto, who has written The Humanity of Thucydides and is a regular contributor to Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. We also had some local respondents (Prof. Sara Forsdyke and Prof. Arlene Saxonhouse), and many first-year students from Classical Civilization 101 and Great Books 191 were present to ask the questions older people often avoid. This year’s symposium was also selected to honor Professor H. Don Cameron’s dedicated years of teaching Thucydides and his retirement.