Commentary on Thucydides: Book 7

Charles F. Smith, Commentary on Thucydides: Book 7

First Entry:

After refitting his four ships, Gylippus leaves Tarentum, and, receiving at the Epizephyrian Locri more favourable news of the situation at Syracuse, proceeds undisturbed by Attic ships through the strait to Himera. From this point he enters into communication with Selinus and Gela and various Sicel localities, and with seven hundred men of his own troops, and over two thousand who joined him from Himera and the allied places, begins his march through the interior towards Syracuse.

1. ἐπεὶ ἐπεσκεύασαν: the completion of the ἐπεσκεύαζεν of vi.104.20.

πυνθανόμενοι σαφέστερον: opp. to vi.104.3ὡς αὐτοῖς αἱ ἀγγελίαι ἐφοίτων . . . ἐψευσμέναι. The pres. partic. here implies repeated inquiry, corresponding to ὡς ἐφοίτων in the passage quoted.

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