Commentary on Thucydides: Book 5

C.E. Graves, Commentary on Thucydides: Book 5

First Entry:

τοῦ δὲ θέρους—the same words with which the third and fourth books begin; see note on iv. 1, 1.αἱ μέν—answered by δέ at the beginning of chapter 2, the rest of this chapter being parenthetical. A second protasis to the same δέ occurs below in line 9, οἱ μὲν Δήλιοι. Krüger however considers that this first μέν is answered by καί in the next clause, as in chapter 71, 1, where ποιεῖ μὲν καὶἅπαντα is followed by καὶ τότε.

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