Commentary on Thucydides: Book 1

E.C. Marchant, Commentary on Thucydides: Book 1

First Entry:

1. 1. Θουκυδίδης κτλ.—a formal method of opening, after the manner of the gnomic poets, not due, as Bloomfield imagined, to ‘the modesty of our author.’ Cf. Herod.init.; Intr. p. xv.

ξυνέγραψε—a characteristic word of Thuc., who is known to the ancient critics as ὁ συγγραφεύς, much as Homer is ὁ ποιητής. It denotes the bringing together in one work of many occurrences—composing in its etymological sense. (How some find a reference to the hunting up of materials is not clear.)

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