Shakespeare’s Plutarch

Mary Ann McGrail, ed., Shakespeare’s Plutarch, Poetica 48 (1997)

Table of Contents:

Special Issue: Shakespeare’s Plutarch edited by Mary Ann McGrail


The Anachronism of Source Criticism: Shakespeare’s Plutarch / Mary Ann McGrail

Section I: Plutarch in the Roman Plays

The Shaping of Coriolanus: Dionysius, Plutarch, and Shakespeare  / Christopher Pelling

Antony’s Egyptian Bacchanals: Heroic and Divine Impersonation in Shakespeare’s Plutarch and Antony and Cleopatra / Suzanne L. Wofford

Shakespeare’s Parallel Lives: Plutarch and the Roman Plays / Paul A. Cantor

The Transmutation of Heroic Complexity: Plutarch and Shakespeare / Albert Cook

Section II: Plutarch Traces Elsewhere

Plutarch and Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 / Judith Mossman

Within Athens’ Shadow: The Ghost of Plutarch in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens / John C. Briggs

The “Mutual Pair” in Plutarch and Shakespeare / John W. Velz

Shakespeare’s Cicero / Yasunari Takada

Section III: From Plagiaries to Sources and lntertextuality

From Plagiaries to Sources / Mary Ann McGrail

Plutarch, Shakespeare, Roman Politics and Renaissance Translation / John Denton

Twentieth-Century Intertextuality and the Reading of Shakespeare’s Sources / Andreas Hofele

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