Shakespeare and Politics Special Issue

Catherine Zuckert, ed., Review of Politics—Special Issue on Shakespeare and Politics, Fall 2016

Table of Contents:

“Introduction,” by Catherine H. Zuckert

“Shakespeare’s Politics,” by Elizabeth Frazer

“Ulysses Is Not the Hero of Troilus and Cressida,” by Tim Spiekerman

“Philosophy (and Athens) in Decay: Timon of Athens by Jan H. Blits

“’I Ask Your Voices and Your Suffrages’: The Bogus Rome of Peele and Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus,” by Paulina Kewes

“Shakespeare and Politics in the Time of the Gunpowder Plot,”Andrew Hadfield

“‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’: Machiavelli, Macbeth, and the Conquest of Fortuna,” by Michael P. Zuckert

“Time and the Problem of Royal Succession in Shakespeare’s History Plays,” by John D. Cox

“Skepticism and Political Constancy: Richard II and the Garden Scene as a ‘Model of State,'” by Conal Condren

“Hamlet and the Sovereignty of Reasons,” by Jeffrey Knapp

“Reality Czech: Tom Stoppard Discovers Shakespeare behind the Iron Curtain,” by Paul A. Cantor

“Review Essay: The Philosopher’s Literary Critic,”  by John Alvis

Review of Politics