Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe

Andrew Hadfield and Paul Hammond, eds., Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe (London: Arden Shakespeare, 2005)

Summary from the Publisher:

This collection of essays explores the diverse ways in which Shakespeare and his contemporaries experienced and imagined Europe. The book charts the aspects of European politics and culture which interested Renaissance travellers, thus mapping the context within which Shakespeare’s plays with European settings would have been received. Chapters cover the politics of continental Europe, the representation of foreigners on the English stage, the experiences of English travellers abroad, Shakespeare’s reading of modern European literature, the influence of Italian comedy, his presentation of Moors from Europe’s southern frontier, and his translation of Europe into settings for his plays.

Table of Contents:

Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe / Andrew Hadfield
The Politics of Renaissance Europe / Susan Doran
English Contact with Europe / Michael G. Brennan
Shakespeare’s Reading of Modern European Literature / Stuart Gillepsie
Shakespeare and Italian Comedy / Richard Andrews
Contemporary Europe in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Drama / Paulina Kewes
Shakespeare’s Imaginary Geography / Franc╠žois Laroque
Europe’s Mediterranean Frontier: The Moor / Nabil Matar and Rudolph Stoeckel

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