Misrepresentations: Shakespeare and the Materialists

Graham Bradshaw, Misrepresentations: Shakespeare and the Materialists (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1993)

Summary from the Publisher:

Just at the moment when conflicts between critical “isms” are threatening to turn the study of English literature into a game park for endangered texts, Bradshaw arrives with a work of liberating wit and insight. His subject is double: the Shakespeare he reads and the Shakespeare whom critics in the ranks of the new historicists and cultural materialists are representing (or misrepresenting).

Table of Contents:

A Note on the Text
Prologue: Is Shakespeare Evil?
Reviving Tillyard
Chaotic Sites
The E-Effect

Ch. 1 Being Oneself: New Historicists, Cultural Materialists, and Henry V
The Trouble with Harry
The Historiographical Challenge
Dramatic “Rhyming”
Who Them? Where Us?
Systems in Force
Being Oneself

Ch. 2 Dramatic Intentions: Two-Timing in Shakespeare’s Venice 125
Jessica’s Lie
Complex Designs
Obeying the Time
Fashioning Othello
A Choice of Delusions
“A Horrible Conceite”

Epilogue: The New Historicist as Iago
Seeing Through Seeing Through
The Fear of Being Taken In
The Riverbed
Othello 1980

Appendix: Dashing Othello’s Spirits

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