Why Study Plutarch

Judith Mossman, “Why Study Plutarch”

From the publisher:
Plutarch (A.D. 46 – after 120), from Chaeronea in Boeotia, was one of the most prolific Greek writers of antiquity and his work is exactly contemporaneous with the period of the earliest writings of Jesus’ followers (many of which later were given the special status of ‘scripture’ among the churches and as still familiar to Christians as ‘The New Testament’). Because
of this overlap in time, a study of Plutarch can be of great value to students of the New Testament – and in particular as study of Plutarch’s lives offer comparisons for the study of the gospels.

However, Plutarch is not well known today, and in this video Professor Judith Mossman (Dept of Classics, University of Nottingham), and expert o Plutarch, tries to introduce the man, his works, his biographical methods, and what we can learn from them in exegetical studies of the gospels.