Recommended translations:

  • "Hipparchus," trans. Steven Forde in The Roots of Political Philosophy, ed. Thomas L. Pangle (Cornell, 1987).
  • "Hipparchus," trans. N. Smith in Plato: Complete Works, ed. J. M. Cooper (Hackett, 1997).


And what is love of gain? What can it be, and who are the lovers of gain?

In my opinion, they are those who think it worth while to make gain out of things of no worth.

Is it your opinion that they know those things to be of no worth, or do not know? For if they do not know, you mean that the lovers of gain are fools.

No, I do not mean they are fools, but rascals who wickedly yield to gain, because they know that the things out of which they dare to make their gain are worthless, and yet they dare to be lovers of gain from mere shamelessness.

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