The Prince

Recommended Translation: The Prince, trans. Harvey C. Mansfield Jr. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998, 2nd ed.) Originally published in 1532.

Chapter I: How Many Are the Kinds of Principalities and in What Modes They Are Acquired

Chapter II: Of Hereditary Principalities

Chapter III: Of Mixed Principalities

Chapter IV: Why the Kingdom of Darius Which Alexander Seized Did Not Rebel from His Successors after Alexander’s Death

Chapter V: How Cities or Principalities Which Lived by Their Own Laws before They Were Occupied Should Be Administered

Chapter VI: Of New Principalities That Are Acquired through One’s Own Arms and Virtue

Chapter VII: Of New Principalities That Are Acquired by Others’ Arms and Fortune

Chapter VIII: Of Those Who Have Attained a Principality through Crimes

Chapter IX: Of the Civil Principality

Chapter X: In What Mode the Forces of All Principalities Should Be Measured

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