Locke’s Philosophy of Mind

Bennett, Jonathan. "Locke's Philosophy of Mind," The Cambridge Companion to Locke. Ed. Vere Chappell, Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1994.


‘The topics to be covered in this chapter are as follows: (I) Locke’s acceptance of Descartes’ view that there is a radical separation, a perhaps unbridgeable gap, beween the world’s mental and its physical aspects; Lockes view of (II) the cognitive aspects and (III) the conative aspects of the mind: (IV) what Locke said about the possibility that “matter thinks,” that is, that the things that take up space are also the ones that have mental states; (V) the question whether all thought could be entirely caused by changes in the physical world; (VI and VI) what it is for a single mind to last through time; and (VIII) what it is for a mind to exist at a time when it is not doing anything”