Anarchy, State, and Utopia

Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State and Utopia (New York: Basic Books, 1977).


“We slow down the dramatic pace of our tale in order to consider Locke’s views on parental ownership of children. Locke must discuss Filmer in detail, not merely to clear the field of some alternative curious view, but to show why that view doesn’t follow from the elements of is own view as one might suppose it did. That is why the author of the Second Treatise goes on to compose the First. Ownership rights in what one has made would seem to follow from Locke’s theory of property. Hence Locke would have a real problem if God who made and owned the world gave Adam sole ownership of it. Even though Locke thought and argued that this hadn’t happened, he also must have wondered what the consequences would be if it had happened.”