Heidegger’s Confrontation with Modernity: Technology, Politics, and Art

Zimmerman, Micahel. Heidegger’s Confrontation with Modernity: Technology, Politics, and Art. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1990.


“Writing in a lively and refreshingly clear American English, Zimmerman provides an uncompromisingly honest and judicious account… of Heidegger’s views on technology and his involvement with National Socialism…. One of the most important books on Heidegger in recent years.” —John D. Caputo

“… superb… ” —Thomas Sheehan, The New York Review of Books

“… thorough and complex… ” —Choice

“… excellent guide to Heidegger as eco-philosopher.” —Radical Philosophy

“… engrossing, rich in substance… makes clear Heidegger’s importance for the issue of technology, ethics, and politics.” —Religious Studies Review

The relation between Martin Heidegger’s understanding of technology and his affiliation with and conception of National Socialism is the leading idea of this fascinating and revealing book. Zimmerman shows that the key to the relation between Heidegger’s philosophy and his politics was his concern with the nature of working and production.