Toward a direct confrontation with political phenomena

- Mark Blitz, "Reason, Politics, and Human Nature," Conversations with Bill Kristol, April 24, 2021.
In this episode of Conversations with Bill Kristol, the great Heidegger scholar Mark Blitz draws on Heideggerian (and Platonic) insights to articulate a method for the study of political things.

Political Philosophy and the Ontological Question

- Professor Richard Velkley, author of Heidegger, Strauss and the Premises of Philosophy, speaking at Catholic University in 2012.
Professor Velkley addresses the question, “What place does thinking about politics have in Heidegger’s philosophy?”  

Heidegger on Technology

- Professor Jerry Weinberger on the theme of "Heidegger's legacy, technology and democratic politics."
Kenyon College, 1994. Duration: 1hr 50min  

Hubert Dreyfus on Heidegger’s philosophy

- Interview with Professor Dreyfus on the basic tenets of Heidegger's philosophy
Professor Hubert Dreyfus summarizes Edmund Husserl’s thought before covering Heidegger’s thought in greater detail. Each of the five parts is approximately ten minutes.

Heidegger Interviewed on TV by Buddhist Monk

- Heidegger on television in 1962 speaking briefly on the difficulty of thinking, technology, religion, and politics.
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