Robert Berman on the Phenomenology of Spirit

- Robert Berman on Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit": The Nerve of the Argument, Montesquieu Forum, Roosevelt University, Chicago, Marh 23, 2017.
Robert Berman analyzes Hegel’s Philosophy of Geist.

Half-Hour Hegel: Video Commentary on the Phenomenology of Spirit

- Video Series. Gregory B. Sadler. Two hundred plus half-hour videos, 2013 to ongoing.
This is a sequence of videos providing a close reading and commentary on G.W.F. Hegel’s early masterwork, the Phenomenology of Spirit.  In each 25-35 minute video, Sadler reads paragraphs from the text verbatim, and then in front of his home studio… More

An Introduction to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

- Video. Dr. Gregory B. Sadler, Introduction to Philosophy Course. Marist College, Spring 2013.
In this lecture/discussion session we tackle the Introduction to a very challenging philosophical work, Georg William Friedrich Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. This recording is from from my Spring 2013 Introduction to Philosophy class at Marist… More

Slavoj Zizek: Return to Hegel

- Slavoj Zizek, Return to Hegel, Lecture at European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, 2009.  
Slavoj Žižek speaking about Hegel and Hegelian concepts of history and historicity, drawing not only on the works of Marxs Grundrisse and Jacques Lacan, but also on opera, Schoenberg’s atonal revolution, the experience of impossibility, Freud’s… More

Peter Singer on Hegel and Marx

- Video. Peter Singer with Bryan Magee. Undated interview. Likely 1970s.
In this program, Brian Magee and contemporary philosopher Peter Singer discuss rational Hegelian philosophy, and the historicism and organicism at its root. Hegel’s theories of absolute idealism and of a dialectic emphasize history in their development… More