“Taste and See That the Lord is Good: Halevi’s God Revisited”

Diana Lobel, “Taste and See That the Lord is Good: Halevi's God Revisited,” Be’erot Yitzhaq: Studies in Memory of Isadore Twersky, ed. Jay M. Harris, Harvard University Press, 2005, pp. 161–178.  

From the Publisher:

“Professor Isadore Twersky was one of the giants of the field of Jewish Studies. Among his many accomplishments was the supervision of over thirty-five dissertations in Jewish Studies, ranging chronologically from the tenth century to the twentieth, and geographically from the Middle East to the Mediterranean world and on to northern Europe, east and west. In this memorial volume, many of his students pay homage to their late teacher in the only way he would have appreciated: they have produced a collection of essays that show his and their remarkable range of interests and talents. The result is an important collection of original scholarship on a wide range of topics in Jewish Studies.”