“Hallevi and Maimonides on Design, Chance, and Necessity”

Elliot R. Wolfson, “Hallevi and Maimonides on Design, Chance, and Necessity,” Studies in the History of Philosophy and Religion, Vol. 2, eds. Isadore Twersky and George H. Williams, Harvard University Press, 1977, pp. 1–59.  

From the Publisher:

“Readers familiar with the luminous scholarly contributions of Harry Austryn Wolfson will welcome this rich collection of essays that have been previously published in widely dispersed journals and books, The articles range over Aristotle and Plato; Philo; the Church Fathers; and Arabic, Jewish, and Christian philosophers of the Middle Ages: Averroes and Avicenna, Maimonides, and Thomas Aquinas. The twenty-eight pieces are arranged in such a manner that ideas develop and are pursued from one article to the next, forming a coherent whole. According to the editors, ‘This volume reflects the most basic biographical fact about Wolfson: his life has been one of unflagging commitment, uninterrupted creativity, and truly remarkable achievement…Wolfson’s scholarship will be viewed with awe and admiration and his impact will be durable. He has added new dimensions to philosophical scholarship and illuminated wide areas of religious thought, plotting the terrain, blazing trails, and erecting guideposts for scores of younger scholars.'”