“Sir Francis Bacon and the Holy Office”

Fattori, Marta. 2005. “Sir Francis Bacon and the Holy Office.” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 13, no. 1, 21–49.

First Paragraph: “This article is accompanied by an appendix and selected documents chosen from a list of thirty important documents found in and taken from the Archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly the Holy Office, referred to as ACDF).  They all concern Francis Bacon and may be divided into two categories: the documents preceded by an asterisk  have already been published by me and they are presented here for the first time translated into English; the second group appears in the original version with an English translation; many other documents for reference purposes are indicated in the footnotes, but they will all be published in a forthcoming book, Francis Bacon and the Holy Office.”

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