“Science and Rule in Bacon’s Utopia”

Weinberger, Jerry. “Science and Rule in Bacon’s Utopia.” American Political Science Review (1976): 865–995.

First Paragraph: “Modern utopian thought springs from the promise of modern science. It is the political expression of the claim of science to relieve man’s estate and to enlarge the bounds of human empire.’The modern utopianism of modern science is nowhere more succinctly present than in the claim Hobbes made for his novel political science.  When founded on principles of the new science with its “clear and exact method,” the study of morals and politics would disclose a “true and certain rule of action by which we might know whether that which we undertake be just or unjust.”  Fro Hobbes, the final victory of science over nature depended on the conquest of the problem of human nature, which Hobbes thought to be the problem of political rule.”