“Francis Bacon: Philosopher or Ideologue”

Studer, H. “Francis Bacon: Philosopher or Ideologue.” Review of Politics 59, no. 4 (1997): 915–26.

First Paragraph: ” In recent years, Franis Bacon has been receiving long overdue attention.  As we directly confront the problems of modernity, scholars have begun to reexamine the thoughts of the man held by so many philosophers to be the very founder of modernity itself.  Some find reasons to blame Bacon for current messes; some search for solutions that he might have suggested.  That Bacon’s life’s work is largely responsible for our present situation is recognized by virtually all modern commentators.  Jerry Weinberger, in is introduction to The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh, points out that “there is no disagreement at all” about the fact that “whatever it is that makes our world modern, the History has much to teach abotu it and in fact did much to bring it into being” (p.16).  And not just Bacon’s History, but is theoretical warks, the Essays, even his legal writtings, are not acknowledged to have shaped a new political and social order (pp.3-5).”

Review of Politics