Commentary on Plato’s Republic

Averroes, Commentary on Plato's Republic, trans. Ralph Lerner, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999.    

Averroes’ major statement on Platonic philosophy.

From a review:

“Because of the importance of Averroes (as a Muslim he is significant for both Platonic and Islamic thought), it is good to have Lerner’s new and thoughtful interpretation, with lucid introduction, three helpful appendixes, glossary, and index.”—Library Journal”This is a fine translation of a very difficult and important text, lost in its Arabic original but preserved in the awkward fourteenth-century Hebrew translation of Judah ben Samuel. Even in this summary form, the Republic is one of the exceedingly few works of the Platonic corpus to surface in Islamic philosophy, and this paraphrase is an excellent example of Averroes’ technique of doing philosophy in commentary form.”—Journal of Near Eastern Studies”

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