Aristotle’s Teleological Theory of Tragedy and Epic

Held, G. F. Aristotle’s Teleological Theory of Tragedy and Epic. Heidelberg, 1995.


“In a helpful preface, Held  tells the reader exactly what to expect. In this book, “the 1st of 2 interconnected volumes,” he “proposes and defends and interpretation of Aristotle’s theory of tragedy,” and “defends the validity and practicality of this theory of tragedy and epic through analyses of several of the major epics and tragedies of Western literature.” 5 of the 7 essays have been previously published (only chapters 3 and 6 are new), and are reproduced here with only a few substantive changes. Since “some of these essays… made no mention of Aristotle’s theory of tragedy when published,” Held  also adds another section 2 ‘clarify the role  which each of these essays plays in that argument.'”

Review from Bryn Mawr Classical Review 96.02.13